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If you answered YES, I need you to keep reading because I have some very important information to get your songs used in movies, TV, commercials...and more!



From the desk of: Ty Cohen, CEO

Re: Getting Your Music on the Big & Small Screen!


In just a matter of minutes, you are going to learn how to get your songs used in movies, TV, commercials, and more across the globe and make thousands of dollars. 


Hey!  I know youíre skeptical when you hear me say that.  I was too when I first discovered what Iím about to share with you.  How anyone can get their songs played in movies, TV, commercials, or anywhere else seems almost like a dream.  If youíre like I was, you donít know where to begin. 


Then I stumbled upon proven facts that make it possible for you to get your songs on TV, in a commercial, or even in a major motion picture!  I was angry when I first uncovered all this information because, if it would have been available to me when I first started out, I would have saved a lot of time and enjoyed success a lot sooner. 


I want to save you that time.  Iím going to give you the rare opportunity to learn everything you need to know to start making thousands of dollars from your songs now!


Proven Advice to Learn How to Get Your Songs Played in Movies, TV, and Commercials, and More -- By an Expert


Iíve compiled factual advice from leading experts and songwriters from the film making, TV, and advertising industries in one amazing report. 


In My Report Youíll Learn:

The secrets of the film business.

The different markets.

Types of motion picture music.

How much to charge for a song.(Youíre going to love this!)

How to sell previous hit songs.

What rights the film producer will want.

How youíll be paid.

How to raise the price for your song.  (My best clients can raise their price by the thousands with ease at the negotiating table!)

What happens if they want to change your lyrics.

Different types of distribution for movies.  How to increase your fee for multimedia technologies.

How to negotiate your song onto the movieís soundtrack


Think about making use of all this information to catapult your way to success!  The secrets I reveal to you will tell you exactly how to do it. 


People Everywhere Are Raving about These Amazing Secrets Songwriters Use to Make Thousands of Dollars Selling Their Songs to Movies, TV, Commercials, and More!


My clients who have taken advantage of the information Iím going to present to you are enjoying the fruits of their success right now.   I get e-mails from them every day, thanking me for the information that kick started their careers. 


 Satisfied Customer Testimonial #1

ďI just sold a song to a film producer!  Itís been five years of wanting to, but I just wanted to.  I had no idea how to start.  They paid me thousands for it too!  I would have been happy with a lot less.  Thank you so much.  I feel like I owe you a commission!Ē

Barry, Los Angeles, California

 Satisfied Customer Testimonial #2

ďWithout this information you gave me, I donít think I would have ever done anything with a dream I hadÖwhich was to get my songs into movies.  Iíve done it three times now.  None were major motion pictures, just regional flicks, but itís been very lucrative.  I owe it to your report.  Thanks!Ē

Jim, Albuquerque, New Mexico


You Too Can Learn How To Learn How To Get Your Songs In Movies, TV, And Commercials With Ease!


Youíll Learn About:

  • Songs written for a particular film

  • Writer services.

  • Writer fees.

  • Screen credit.

  • Ownership and publishing.

  • Songwriter royalties.

  • Underscores.

  • Underscore contracts.

  • Composer services.

  • Composer fees.

  • Transportation and expenses

  • Package deals. (If you donít know what this is, you really need to read my report!)


It doesnít matter who you are, what songwriting experience you have, or if youíve ever sold a song to anyone before!   What Iím going to tell you will make it easy for you to start getting your music used in movies, TV, and commercials. 


Who are You?

ŁSomeone who dreams of writing a song that is used in a movie or TV show.

    A published songwriter.

ŁA recording artist looking to break into film or TV.

    A jingle writer.

ŁA member of an orchestra or instrumental group.

    Someone who wants to write the dramatic background music for movies and TV.

ŁA composer.

    An unpublished songwriter.


Remember when you got your first computer and you followed the instructions set it up?  The instruction manual told you everything from how to hook up the cables to the basics about the operating system.  That computer was ready to use in a matter of just minutes as long as you followed the proper steps.  It didnít take long at all to start enjoying it, did it? 


Getting your songs used in movies, TV, or commercials is no different.  Once you have the necessary information, itís easy.  Iím going to teach you what you need to know to be a success.  Youíre going to have industry information and secrets at your fingertips that will put you one-up on other songwriters. 


What You Donít Know About the
Industry Is Costing You a Fortune...

...Watch Over My Shoulder as I
Uncover the Real Steps to Get Your Music
in Movies, TV, and Commercials


Satisfied Customer Testimonial #3

ďI tried for years to get my songs in a TV show or even a small budget movie without success.  If I would have known what you told me before, I would have saved a lot of time and a whole lot of money on how-to products that never taught me how to do anything.  I really wish you would have come out with this information sooner.  But Iím glad you came out with it finally!Ē


Rod, NY, New York


Satisfied Customer Testimonial #4

ďI was really hesitant about your report because I spent money on so many products that claimed to get my arrangements into movies for me.  That was the problem though: they claimed they could make it happen, but never showed me HOW to make it happen.  You did, and it made all the difference.  A film producer just bought several of my arrangements for a horror flick heís producing.  Iím so grateful to you and your report!Ē


Chuck, Port Orchard, Washington



Time is money!  Quit losing time trying to find a lucky break in the industry when you can easily make your own.  Quit losing the money that youíre spending on industry ďshortcutsĒ and learn the proven way to getting your music in movies, TV, and commercials.  The shortest distance between two points is the straight line, not the detour! 


The information Iím going to reveal to you is the straight line to your success! Click Here to Order Now


But wait!  Thereís more! 


In addition to all the information Iíve already promised you, Iím also going to reveal:


  • How to Write for Advertising. (Commercials)

  • All about creating Jingles.

  • The money involved for jingles. (Money is what itís all about in the end, right?  Iím going to tell you how to get the most money possible!)

  • facts about being an independent writer.

  • Information about production companies.

  • Advertising agency information.

  • Opportunities to sell your songs in different markets.


Greatest Gold-Mine of Industry Information and Advice Ever Crammed Into One ProduNC


This information Iím going to share with you has never been available in one place before.  It took me years to compile the contents of this outrageous report, but you can learn everything you need to know from the comfort of your favorite chair tonight!


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Thereís so much invaluable information in this report, that you will want to take advantage of this rare opportunity now before it passes you by. 


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No Questions Asked!


You decide.  You can continue to dream of getting your songs into movies, TV, and commercials while others do it, or you can easily learn exactly what you need to know to get your songs exactly where you want them now when you read my information-packed report My Music In Movies: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Music Played in Movies, Television, Commercials and More!  


Itís your choice.  Decide wisely. 


Let me tell you, youíre not going to find this much mind blowing information anywhere else!   I guarantee almost anyone can be successful getting songs used in movies, TV, and commercials just by learning the facts and secrets I reveal in my report My Music In Movies: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Your Music Played in Movies, Television, Commercials and More!

    Ty Cohen

  Copyright laws can be a jungle.  Iím going to include in my report instructions and facts about copyright and how you can legally and easily protect your music. Click Here to Order Now

P.P.S.  As if all this information Iím providing isnít more than enough, Iím still going to go one step further and reveal secrets to writing with a partner.  Iíll cover how to choose a partner, the best kind of writing relationships, and even tell you about copyright laws in partnerships.  All you have to do to learn this wealth of information is take a few mere minutes to read my report. Click Here to Order Now

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